"No tchon no arte "

In the framework of the project of intercultural encounter around dance and theatre led by the collective NOMAS, we went to meet the young people who make culture today in Bissau.

These young artists of multiple ethnic origins (there are 33 in the country) are the new cultural ambassadors of the country. Through their arts and awareness raising activities, they tell the political and social history of their land while making the cultural heritage of Guinea-Bissau visible.

These young people are also the future of a nation caught between tradition and modernity, whose recent independence is in competition with globalization and dreams from elsewhere.
This series of portraits of young artists from Bissau aims to participate in the visibility of their work and of this country whose human and cultural wealth is worth the detour.
This illustration follows interviews with these young cultural actors.

Portraits of the young artists of the Netos de Bandim & Grupo de Teatro Oprimido.

In collaboration with the collective Nomas @colectivonomas

Carel, 19 years - Ethnic group : Balanta

Livigia, 18 years - Ethnic group : Bijago

Braima, 19 years - Ethnic group : Papel

Jorgito, 20 years - Ethnic group : 

Yolanda, 20 years - Ethnic group : 

Urbicio, Ethnic group : Papel





Baltazar, 21 years 

Taumen, Ethnic group : Balanta



Sana, Traditional Muslim garb