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This series of photographs have been taken in the afrocolombian municipality of Tumaco located on the colombian pacific coast.

Today, the situation in Tumaco is worse than ever. In addition to the consequences of the internal conflict, the area also goes through a humanitarian crisis, with half of its population living with unsatisfied basics needs ! This context inevitably facilitates the exercise of illegal activities such cocain production and trafic. In 2017, the war between armed groups that fight for the control of the area killed 222 persons , around 46% more than the previous year. Structural issues are at the core of the problem. In addition, the military response is inadequate and an effecient governmental intervention is urgently necessary. During the 3 months that I have spent in Tumaco, I have had the opportunity to meet the people who still dream about peace and try to live happily in this difficult context. Here are some shots of the daily life in Tumaco.


SUMMER 2018 at Belga&Co 

A human experience on the pacific coast of Colombia.
Photographs taken by Ema Tytgat.
Vernissage 15:00-18:00, Rue du Bailli 7A, 1000 Bxl

"La marcha por la paz " in Tumaco is the first activity of the "Week for the Peace".This type of walk for peace exists at the national level, but in Tumaco the symbolism is strong. Effectively, the municipality has the highest murder rate in the country and, since the peace accord, the situation is worst than never. In 2017, we count already more than 170 murders in Tumaco. During this walk the population stops to be afraid, commemorating the loss of all the victims and screaming their desire for peace!